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Make a successful transition from hacking at static precedents in MS Word to producing fully customised, high-value legal documents with advanced automation technology that frees up time to grow your firm.

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Superior Quality Automated Legal Documents.

FluentDocs is like having your own team of expert human lawyers to do all of the work for you.

Create fully customised, high-value legal documents in minutes

FluentDocs is an online platform that enables lawyers to create fully customised, high-value legal documents in minutes. This is NOT mere form filling! It does much more than other precedent providers or automation software tools that you may have seen before. Our proprietary technology uses real human reasoning to decide what should be in/out of your document based on the relevant facts.

Our focus is on automating high-value, bespoke legal services.

Checklist + Taking Instructions + Drafting Notes + Customised Document

The powerful new FluentDocs technology enables the automation of the entire document creation process, right from the initial checklist through to taking instructions from the client, drafting note guidance and the drafting work to prepare a fully customised, flawless finished document.

The whole process is seamlessly integrated.

Dynamic online forms prompt for everything you need

The interface for using FluentDocs is an intelligent online questionnaire that asks only relevant questions and prompts for everything you need. Just follow the prompts – it’s so easy even junior lawyers, paralegals and secretaries can use it to produce fully bespoke and sophisticated legal documents.

The legal know-how is baked into the system.

Exactly what an expert, top-tier lawyer would produce

The FluentDocs engine compiles a fully customised document, tailored for the relevant fact scenario, just like an expert human lawyer would produce – right down to the single character. Our powerful, proprietary technology enables automation at a whole new level. The end result is identical to what an expert top-tier lawyer would produce, character-by-character. FluentDocs is your dedicated team of virtual top-tier lawyers.

Automation without compromise.

Extremely thorough, beautifully formatted and meticulously drafted

Working with experts in their practice areas, our automated document solutions have been crafted to meet or even exceed the highest standards of the world’s largest, top-tier law firms. Your customised documents will be delivered to you instantly, beautifully formatted and meticulously drafted, with automatic cross-referencing and robust style sheets. We also constantly improve and update our automated document solutions for changes in the law and market practice.

Let us worry about keeping your documents up-to-date, so you can get back to growing your firm.

No more hacking away at static precedents

Your days of hacking away inside MS Word at old-fashioned, static precedents are finally over! Manual editing of static precedents is a battle – it’s extremely time-consuming and also dangerous as it carries a high risk of error. Now we have a new and better way.

Say goodbye to ugly precedents loaded with square brackets.

Goodbye static precedents. Hello time.

FluentDocs automates the drafting process and sets you free to focus on growing your firm (or playing golf, or spending time with the kids, or anything else you’d rather be doing).

"With helpful guidance, the in-built logic streamlines the process and can save many hours of drafting time."
Mike Fitzpatrick, Renowned Estate Planning Expert
October 18, 2016

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Used by hundreds of lawyers at small and medium law firms across Australia.

"I made back the cost of my FluentDocs subscription in the first week of using it! Delighted with this product and the amazing support."

Jeanne-Maré van der Merwe

Jeanne-Maré van der Merwe

Merwida Law - Dunsborough, WA

"FluentDocs provides a very useful range of automated precedents, which every law firm will require at some point to cater for the needs of their clients. It is extremely easy to use. The cost of our subscription was recovered by our firm swiftly given the demand for a number of different agreements, particularly loan agreements and deeds of guarantee. We definitely intend on continuing our subscription with FluentDocs well into the foreseeable future and look forward to having access to the growing range of automated documents."

Hassan Hammoud

Hassan Hammoud

HP Legal - Sydney CBD, NSW

"My FluentDocs subscription has been very profitable for me and has really helped with growing my firm. The key aspects for me are the quality of the drafting and the excellent capacity for customisation through the automated process. I can also be confident that the FluentDocs documents are protecting my clients. Compared with the standard precedents that most small firms use - which are very vanilla and don't provide the same quality of protection - it's chalk and cheese."

Cameron Shaw

Cameron Shaw

Telemon Lawyers - Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW

"Running a small firm is tough, and achieving growth is even harder - but FluentDocs makes it possible for partners and senior lawyers to delegate while actually increasing quality control and reducing the supervision burden."

David King

David King

Schofield King Lawyers - Sydney CBD, NSW

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