Search or browse above to find a document to create. A selection of our most popular documents is provided below.


Employment Contract (full-time, part-time or casual)

Create a full-form, top-tier quality employment contract in a flash!  This document seamlessly adapts to suit any type of employment arrangement – whether full-time, part-time or casual – and sets the “gold standard” for employment contracts in Australia.  Use this for everything from a casual assistant position to a high-level professional or executive role.

Save time by automatically creating a customised offer letter to go along with the employment contract!  If a probation period applies, you can also automatically create customised letters of successful/unsuccessful probation as well.  This is by far the smartest and most efficient way for businesses of all sizes to engage employees.

Confidentiality Agreement (one-way or mutual)

We’ve developed a market-leading confidentiality agreement that maximises enforceability.  The confidentiality obligations can be one-way or mutual, and you can name up to 5 parties on each side.  Our super-intelligent system enables you to quickly and easily create a top tier quality confidentiality agreement that is customised to your circumstances.

Family Trust Deed

Our cutting-edge family trust deed has been drafted in accordance with the latest guidance on the “streaming” of income of different categories (eg, franked dividends, capital gains, etc) to different beneficiaries.  It has been carefully designed to give you the maximum possible flexibility.

Loan or Loan Facility

All the power of billion-dollar-plus debt funding agreements in a package that’s simple to use and lightening fast! Suits everything from simple loans to large-scale facilities.

You can create a loan (specific advances) or a loan facility (line of credit), and you can even sweep up past advances and include them in the loan or loan facility together with future advances/drawdowns. Our comprehensive yet easy-to-use form enables you to effortlessly handle all important terms.